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[09:46:23] Invitado[fjguerra] :

Good morning from Madrid!

[10:13:23] Gast[Norbert] :


[10:13:34] Gast[Norbert] :

where can I find the 2nd LION Channel?

[10:14:27] Gast[Norbert] :

found it...sorry! :-)

[10:45:45] Wilko :

Questions are welcome here as throught the other methods.

[11:44:15] Guest[jnmcbelgaum] :

Good Afternoon Sir we are from Jn medical College and KLE hospital belgaum India , we are having very good connectivity

[11:45:26] Guest[jnmcbelgaum] :

Dr R S Mudhol , Dr priti hajare , Dr shama Bellad who attended Causse Clinic are watching the live telecast

[12:13:21] Wilko :

Welcom. We are happy you are here

[13:31:22] Guest[V_Modak] :

Hi I am Vasim Modak Sorry but I am unable view the videos as yet

[13:34:00] Guest[V_Modak] :

Sorted out Thank you Can see the videos

[14:20:00] Guest[Fran1] :


[16:40:03] Guest[V_Modak-0] :

Hi Cannot see videos Sorry


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Wilko - 23 May 2017 06:21

This is the recording of the Live video stream of the LION Global broadcast of May 16 (2017) Channel one.

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